Off and On IT was initially formed because of the identification that technical IT individuals and business have a communication problem. We then created business processes and standards that used both our Business Analyst training and our technical background to bridge the gap between both entities.

Over time focus was switched to working more with professionals and helping them answer the hard questions and coming up with the best practices. This lead to the creation of this blog where I want to share my knowledge and work with others to create a resource that's used day to day and proven to work for companies of any size.

Personal Methodology/Approach to Problems



Understand what the problems that are occurring and look before you leap and cause further damage to the systems and reputation.



Structuring a new approach to technical and non technical issues that not only solve root issues but also creates a series of best practices for the specific business and for the technical team(s).



With a strong foundation with process and problems being solved permanently trust can/will be regained between business and technical teams.

Redefine, Restructure, Redefine


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